Zola and Jess’s wild weekend


Let’s face it, we all LOVE drama. So when you see it start to unfold on Twitter? Well, you just can’t help yourself. You have to read it. When @_zolarmoon told a story about stripping, prostitution, kidnapping and murder, the internet was hooked.


People have been putting together dream casts for a movie version.


Which turned amazing when Keke Palmer joked about it.


Some people were so drawn in by the story that they started investigating the situation for themselves.


And the best part?


Can you say sequel? YAAAAAS. And if you can’t wait, Jess is telling her side of the story!


If you haven’t read it yet, grab some popcorn.


And get to reading.

Found this story on twitter… It's like toy story but with strippers

May 29th, 2017 by