Twitter used to advocate anti-bullying Dance Party

People can be jerks sometimes, but thankfully there are always plenty of good people out there who want to help lift your spirits. In March, London resident Sean O’Brien was publicly shamed for dancing in public because he is overweight. Instead of just brushing it off as another troll on the internet, Cassandra Fairbanks and friend decided to reach out.

They managed to find Sean with the hashtag #FindDancingMan within a day.

Well, this weekend was Sean’s dance party, and it was a star-studded event!

Not only did the party raise a ton of money for anti-bullying efforts…

So many good vibes tonight. #dancingmanparty #dancingman

A photo posted by Lyndsey Parker (@lyndseyparker) on May 23, 2015 at 9:04pm PDT

but Sean had some inspirational words for everyone.

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