TLC announces Kickstarter for new album


If you were born in the 90s/ early 00s, you definitely heard at least one TLC song. Personally, “No Scrubs” has and
will always be my personal anthem. So naturally, when TLC announced they would be doing a Kickstarter to help raise funds for a new album fans gladly did so.

However, T-Boz and Chili have nothing to show despite raising more than 400K in the time since the Kickstarter was announced in January. In fact T-Boz had a little bit of bite towards someone who asked about getting a refund since the album was taking so long.



(Kickstarter doesn’t give refunds.)

The album has been currently pushed back to 2016 and hopefully it will be released early next year for TLC’s sake. The hashtag ‘#TLCisGoingToJailParty’ trended for quite a while Sunday night. I’m not sure what the limitations for reporting fraud are but if that album doesn’t surface soon they may be facing some legal issues.

No one is expecting a “No Scrubs” part 2, but a final album ending on their note would be nice. If not, I’m sure the fans would find ways to get their money back…creative ways.

May 31st, 2017 by