Texas teen arrested for clock making


Most teenage boys enjoy sports or video games, but Ahmed Mohamed, 14, of Irving, Texas, is really into science. In fact, in addition to joining his school’s robotics club, he works on electronic devices on his own time. His most recent project was an alarm clock, which he made the mistake of taking to school.

Though another teacher had recognized the clock as, well, a clock because that’s what it is, another teacher was concerned that the pencil case clock looked like a bomb. The police were called, and Ahmed was questioned, handcuffed, and taken into custody.

Upon hearing the news, many accused the school of racism and deterring students of color from enjoying science. Thankfully, many people supported Ahmed with the hashtag #IStandWithAhmed.

He was invited to visit the White House by President Barack Obama,

was a guest of honor at Google’s science fair,

has been invited to visit Facebook, received gifts from Microsoft and more.
As a result of his experience, Mohamed and his siblings have withdrawn from the Irving Independent School District.

Currently, many schools are interested in having Ahmed attend. Best of luck to you, Ahmed!

March 6th, 2017 by