Tallywackers: the Answer to Hooters


Texas is always known for producing the most interesting and revolutionary ideas, and this is one of the finest yet.
Tallywackers in Dallas, Texas is being called the answer to Hooters and Twin Peaks.

If you didn’t hear already, Our Grand Opening is May 30th! Come see the “Scantily-Clad Men” everyones been talking…

Posted by Tallywackers on Monday, May 11, 2015

The serve staff is made up of entirely scantily dressed (short shorts and tight tanks) males and the owner, Rodney Duke, says it may be the first of its kind.
“It’s funny that everyone has asked themselves the same question over time when visiting these venues more related with female eye candy: Why isn’t there a male equivalent?” Duke said.
The restaurant serves comfort food including steaks, pizzas, pasta, and, ehem, hot dogs.
Many people were very excited for its opening despite the bad weather Texas has been experiencing.

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