Senator of Sandy Hook reflects, criticizes “sending thoughts and prayers”

Talking Points Memo

Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy sent a powerful message over Twitter today in response to the tragedy in San Bernardino, which resulted in 14 dead and 17 wounded at the Inland Regional Center – a social services center. Two suspects were gunned down after a dramatic and violent chase, one male, one female. The third suspect was reportedly caught minutes ago.
Murphy was serving as Representative of Connecticut’s 5th District when a man opened fire on Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, killing 20 children and six faculty members. He was quoted:
“My heart aches for the people of San Bernardino. I cannot express the profound sadness I feel each time a new community grieves and endures the same pain that brought Newtown to its knees three years ago this month.”
But his Tweet today resonates with the world of social media that often “sends thoughts and prayers” after such a horrible incident.

Other leaders of the U.S. also shared their sorrows, but Murphy’s statement certainly takes a jab at some Republicans.

Compared to that of Hilary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Governor Martin O’Malley.

But perhaps the most sickening thing to see on Twitter today are the comments under both political parties, talking about becoming POTUS or bashing the left or right wing, respectively.

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