Saved By the Bell star convicted for barroom stabbing

Dustin Diamond And Amanda Schutz Further Proceedings

If the meek are going to inherit the Earth, I can tell you who won’t be inheriting.

While you may remember Dustin Diamond as the shy geek, Screech, on the 90s TV hit, Saved By the Bell, it couldn’t be further from reality. On Friday, May 29th, the former actor was convicted of two misdemeanors after a stabbing occurred in a barroom brawl in Wisconsin on Christmas Day 2014.

BREAKING: Saved by the Bell star, Dustin Diamond, has been convicted.

Posted by VH1 on Saturday, May 30, 2015

When the trial started out like this, can we really be surprised it didn’t end well?

Hey, Screech, next time instead of calling Mr. Belding…

You should call the guy you know can get you out of any jam.

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