Major flooding puts 7 states at risk

While California is facing a terrible drought, not all areas of the U.S. are so dry; storms from the Gulf Coast to the Great Lakes are so intense that seven states are currently at risk.


NEW THIS MORNING: More than 30 million Americans are under threat of dangerous weather, including threat of flooding, hail and possible tornadoes

Posted by NBC Nightly News on Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Houston, Texas has been hit hard. Huge portions of the city are underwater…

including the Galleria mall.

Amazingly enough, the Galleria was open for business despite the flooding.

However, leaving your home is not advised unless necessary. Flash floods have swept away homes and vehicles, including the car of Alyssa Renee Ramirez of Devine, TX.

Tornados, intense thunderstorms and flooding are expected to continue through to the end of the week.

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