Jaden Smith… as the White Knight


Jaden Smith strikes again, this time channeling his superhero aesthetic.
The 16-year-old philosopher wore a Batman costume, yes, a Batman costume¸ to his prom. It looks like he wore a jacket on top of the costume, before his reverse Superman reveal. If this sounds familiar to you already, there is an explanation.

The Comeback…(Albino jacked the headgear)

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Jaden also wore the full costume(cape, cowl and all) to Kim and Kanye’s wedding.

Jaden is known for his outside of the box thinking and openness to going outside of traditional clothing. He’s been spotted wearing skirts and dresses and has posted that he considers them “Just Clothing”.

The suit is apparently custom made meaning $$$, so I’m guessing he will be wearing it again sometime soon. I would be careful if I were him; all white means it must be a nightmare to clean!
Photo Credit: USA Magazine

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