Charlie Challenge takes Twitter by storm


Now-a-days, when teens get bored, they get very creative. Creative meaning they’ve started summoning demons.
The ‘Charlie-Charlie’ challenge has taken Twitter by storm.
The challenge requires people to cross two pencils over each other and write the words “yes” and “no” in boxes on a piece of paper placed underneath the makeshift cross shown above:

Then you proceed to ask Charlie if he wants to play.
He will either slide to yes, meaning the game can begin, or no.
This has gotten so serious a priest has issued warning at the Catholic school where he resides. I understand fully because the backstory behind this is a little creepy. Apparently, Charlie is a Mexican demon.

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Kids have always had an interest in the supernatural, but I can say I was not one of them. The demons can keep to themselves, thank you very much.

I feel that Phil, I feel.

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