Caitlyn Jenner breaks Twitter record, everyone has something to say

For those that do not know, Caitlyn was Bruce Jenner before beginning her transition.

And for those that do not know who this person was before the Kardashians let me tell you. Jenner was a college football player, before her big break into international attention as a decathlete, winning the gold medal in the men’s decathlon event at the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal, and setting a world record which wasn’t displaced until 1980.   



It was in April that Jenner officially announced her status as a woman in a special with Diane Sawyer. Reactions to her transition have been mixed, with many people voicing their confusion about Caitlyn. 

Caitlyn also broke the record for fastest amount of followers gained, beating Barack Obama’s previously set record.

The Kardashian family, including Kanye, have been very supportive of Caitlyn despite their initial reactions. Most importantly, Jenner says she finally feels like she can live as herself to the fullest.
You will be able to see the full interview with Caitlyn in the next issue of Vanity Fair and below you can check out a video preview!

October 2nd, 2017 by